Preserving our environment

We can no longer go pass by this issue.There are a lot of information on this on so many platforms and it is hard to navigate, to see clearly. But we must agree on that the change is essential.

We are growing closer to a terrible ecological devastation.Raising animals for food is the single greatest human-caused source of destruction to our environment.It is one of the largest source of greenhouse gases and land use; the number one source of water pollution and rainforest deforestation.

Here are some quick facts:
1 billion hungry people live on earth, however, we feed 70 billion farmed animals.

Breeding animals for food requires a huge amount of land.It uses up 45% of the Earth’s total land area.

It is responsible for destroying 91% of the Amazon rainforest.

Livestock accounts for 77% of global farming land. While livestock takes up most of the world’s agricultural land it only produces 18% of the world’s calories and 37% of total protein.
(Source) On an an average american diet for a whole all year, approx.we need 2 football field areas, while in the same area, growing plants exclusively, we could provide food for 14 people all year round.

The latest science is predominantly on the vegan side. As our time is running out, it is up to us to take responsibility for making our planet and body healthier - starting with our plate. What can you do about it? In many areas, as individuals, we can do so by changing the way we are living.