About me

In November 2020, I successfully completed the plant-based nutrition course at the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition at eCornell University. I have been on a plant-based diet for more than 4 years and been living a vegan lifestyle.

In November 2013, when I returned to Melbourne, my hometown in Australia, for 6 years I had not consumed any other meat than fish. I was in the belief that I was making a big contribution to protecting the animals, I felt sorry for them. Then I had to realize that I could do so much more without missing out on anything ...

In July 2016, my then 18-year-old son changed my life overnight. After 2 weeks, when Bence took up a challange to stop eating all animal products and trying out only eating plants, which seemed extreme to me at the time, so he decided to show me a video. For me, this video meant taking off my blindfolds and realizing that I was contributing to the suffering and taking the life of innocent animals by still consuming eggs,honey and dairy products.

The video was one of the most famous speeches of animal rights activist and speaker Gary Yourofsky, who had a big impact by spreading veganism. Like many others I made the decision to change into an unfamiliar world which, before seemed extreme, but watching this video, I made the big decison and decided, I don’t want to contribute to what they do to the animals. At first, it seemed like a difficult and hard thing to decide, on how to proceed on, since this world is completely unknown, I am not “used” to it. But probably it was easier for me, since I was almost completely off the meat. “Only” the dairy products, eggs, honey remained ...

Veganism is not a diet, not a fad, neither a salad eating tree hugging hippies congregation. The more actual footage I saw and read about the subject, made me belive, that I was finally able to do my share to make our planet a better place. The feeling that I would no longer contribute to the cruel treatment and unnecessary death to animals was very liberating. My health has been also important to me for some time and with this lifestyle I have been able to experience and see its positive effects even more.

In 2016 I joined a group in Melbourne who are raising awareness to the exploitation of animals through peaceful street activism. That’s how I also became an animal rights activist. I made sure to learn as much as possible to have the knowledge about what we represented in the street activist conversations. I have taken part in countless peaceful, regularly organized street activism occasions and also peaceful crowd demonstrations to draw attention to the treatment of animals.

I have taken part a few times in beach clean ups, organized by the Sea Sheperd Australia- Marine Debris Campaign organization, which carries out coastal and river cleaning up activities around Australian beaches.

In 2018, I was asked to organize the fashion show for World Vegan Day Melbourne, which has been held every year in October, since 2003.

I belive that by changing ourselves, we can transform the world around us.
Be part of the change!

Margaret Kratz portrait I'm trying to live each day a little kinder, a little gentler, a little happier and a little healthier... What is going to be your goal? Peace&Love all Margaret